Teijin to Reorganize Polyester and Aramid Fiber Businesses

Teijin Limited will integrate its industrial-application polyester fiber business and the Products Converting Business Group to form the new Fibers & Products Converting Business Group next April 1st, with an aim at strengthening and expanding these businesses under a new structure.

Industrial-application polyester fibers are currently part of the High Performance Fibers Business Unit, which is in the Advanced Fibers & Composites Business Group. The unit will specialize in aramid fiber business after the reorganization.
The reorganization will establish a structure for providing maximum customer value with existing polyester and aramid fiber products and services for industrial applications. It also will facilitate new development activities.

The Fibers & Products Converting Business Group will strengthen the competitiveness of Teijin’s polyester fiber businesses and develop solutions based on Teijin’s highly competitive materials. For apparel applications, it will strengthen development through the establishment of an extra-reliable supply chain that newly integrates R&D and raw material and fiber production with existing textile-processing and sewn-products supply functions.

For industrial applications, the group will provide trusted high-end solutions for automobiles and other segments by reinforcing supply capabilities through the integration of functions ranging from material development and processing to final production.

The existing High Performance Fibers Business Unit will continue to manage Teijin’s global aramid fiber business. It will also proactively develop solutions in a broadened range of fields and applications. This will be carried out in collaboration with Teijin Aramid B.V., utilizing respective global business bases and sales networks for the provision of advanced para- and meta-aramid fibers, which offer different properties.