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Meet the Needs of Garment Industries in Bangladesh & India

The garment industries in Bangladesh, India and other countries in South Asia have grown to become major suppliers to the world’s markets.As competition in and among these industries intensifies, the needs to manufacture garments of higher quality, in less time and with less labor and manpower are growing.

In response to these needs, Japanese industrial sewing machine makers are offering cutting-edge technologies and products, and are constantly promoting Research and Development for further improving garment production. In the following, Asian Textile Business (atb) introduces industrial sewing machines well meeting the needs of the garment and sewn products industries.


Pegasus Sewing Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd. offers various sewing machines that are most suitable for garment manufacturers in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and other countries in South Asia. The company has sales offices in India (New Delhi, Tirupur, Ludhiana and Bangalore), Bangladesh (Dhaka, Narayanganj and Chittagong) and Sri Lanka (Colombo).
The following are some of the cutting-edge models from the Pegasus lineup.

FS700P Series

Oil Barrier Type, 4-Needle Feed-Off-the-Arm, Interlock Stitch Machines for Flatseaming
%e3%83%9a%e3%82%ac%e3%82%b5%e3%82%b9fs700pThe FS700P Series Produces Strong but Delicate Flat Seams
Flat seams without being knotty are the most appropriate for attaching front flies to briefs, closing crotch of women’s panties, joining shoulders of T-shirts, etc.
The feed-off-the-arm, cylinder bed is adopted for easy sewing of tubular goods, and there is no need to remove the fabric when sewing is completed, thus increasing efficiency.
 Responding to new material with consistent stitches, increasing the quality of sewn products
This series responds to difficult-to-sew fabric and/or new highly stretchable material, such as swimsuits, achieving high-quality and consistent stitches that have never been produced before, regardless of the operations.
 World’s first, completely enclosed type
The oil seal attached to various areas prevents oil leakage and oil splashes.
FS700P series maintains high-quality and consistent stitches, and the high “Oil Barrier” effectiveness protects important products from oil stains.


Oil Barrier-Type, Cylinder Bed, Interlock Stitch Machine

The smart machines are designed to create various new values in garments.

New needle thread take-up mechanism
The new thread take-up mechanism easily changes the seam between “soft” and “tight”, thus responding to sewing a wide variety of products made of extra-light- to heavyweight fabrics.

Oil barrier
The oil seals attached to various areas prevent oil leakage and oil splashes. This “Oil Barrier” feature completely blocks even one drop of oil leaking from the needle bar and even while the machine is not in operation.

 Detachable looper thread take-up
The looper thread take-up is detachable, so it is easier to solve unexpected trouble, and the installation position is reproducible without any adjustments.

 User-friendly
The design focuses on the details required for safety, ease of operation and maintenance from the operator’s point of view.

 UT device (Thread trimmer)
The threads can be cut easily with the treadle. There is no need for the operator to cut the threads when sewing is completed. This feature greatly enhances operator efficiency, and allows for increased production.


Variable Top Feed, Cylinder Bed Overedgers

Small Cylinder Bed for Sewing Small Cylindrical goods
The circumference of the cylinder bed is only 148mm. This new type of cylinder bed overedger has all the features of the EX5100P and EXT5100 series. These overedgers smoothly sew small cylindrical goods such as hemming sleeves on T-shirts or children’s wear. There are no obstacles around the cylinder bed, providing a 10 mm space to the right of the needle drop, which ensures easy installation of various kinds of devices for producing quality products.These machines feature an independently driven top feed mechanism, so heavyweight fabrics can be fed effortlessly, with a significant increase in feeding efficiency.

 FR device (Fabric Tensioner)
The fabric tensioner holds the rib knit fabric and body, and the top and bottom feed dogs feed the fabric accurately; therefore, the machine attaches rib knit fabrics to tubular goods easily and consistently regardless of operator skill.


Brother Industries, Ltd. has introduced a number of highly advanced industrial sewing machines. These models are drawing the attention of garment manufacturers as they provide solutions to their needs, such as achieving higher sewing quality and productivity, automation, user friendliness, etc.

NEXIO S-7300A With DigiFlex Feed

Single-Needle Direct-Drive Lock Stitcher Wit
h Electronic Feeding System and Thread Trimmer

The S-7300A is the world’s first lock stitch sewing machine that adopts DigiFlex Feed, an Electronic Feed Control that is directly connected with a stepping motor. This next-generation lock stitch machine establishes a new standard with:
 High quality sewing
 LCD color touch panel for intuitive operation
 Offers a new value with Design Stitch
 Enhances the operability with new hand switches

NEXIO {derived from the words ‘Next’ and ‘Socio’ (Society)} combines Brother’s vision to drive a new era of industry changes with continual dedication to innovative product development, as well as its continued company commitment to forging strong customer relationships by being “At your side”. The new line of NEXIO industrial sewing machines are designed for the IoT era with network connectivity that will set a new design standard in the industry.

The horizontal feeding system is the world’s first computerized type for single-needle lock stitch sewing machines. The feed motion can be changed with the touch of a button to provide the best sewing quality for various materials. Furthermore, the sewing stitch length can be digitalized, stabling the stitches.

The enhanced needle breakage prevention function prevents needle breakage when reverse stitching is carried out with the actuator switch. Furthermore, DigiFlex Feed also prevents needle breakage during sewing.

The new hook improves thread cast off, and expands sewing range for mediumweight materials, as well as enhancing the sewing capability for heavyweight materials.
The LCD color touch panel indicates display items with illustration icons, offering user-intuitive operation. The panel display has an Easy Mode Home (for operator) and Detailed Mode Home (for mechanics). Each mode indicates necessary and useful functions according to the user, providing the needed information at a glance. The mode can be set on the panel.

Useful functions are easily carried out with two hand switches. The operator can assign the functions to each switch, so various useful functions are available with a combination of the switches. The functions are assigned on the panel.

A USB port enables sewing patterns and environmental settings to be copied easily for use on other sewing machines. The software can be upgraded with the USB memory.


Electronic Direct-Drive Lockstitch Bar Tacker (Short remaining thread spec.)

The KE-430FS II features stable thread tightening and thread trimmer when sewing light- to mediumweight materials and heavyweight materials, which minimize the disposition of thread ends.
 Reduction of disposition of threads ends (short remaining thread)
 Enhancement of sewing capability
 Overwhelmingly superior productivity with the world’s top-class cycle time

The renewed thread trimmer cuts the thread, realizing short remaining threads. The disposition of thread ends after sewing can be reduced.
The brand new thread take-up stroke provides stable thread tightening, so that mediumweight material specification covers heavyweight material usage.
New Brother-developed motor realizes high energy saving with a direct-drive system that minimizes the loss of power transmission, exercising strong sewing with less energy.


Direct Drive Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewers With Cylinder Bed

%e3%83%96%e3%83%a9%e3%82%b6%e3%83%bc_bas-h%e3%82%b7%e3%83%aa%e3%83%bc%e3%82%baThis series of electronic pattern sewers provides the highest quality sewing exactly the way it is programmed even at high speeds with maximum performance according to each sewing area. The highly functional LCD touch panel offers easy programming for shorter preparation time.
Higher rigid feed mechanism was adopted while achieving the world’s top-class sewing speed of 2,800 stitch/min. With its accurate stitch point, the machine can perform beautiful stitching with stable thread tightening.
The upper thread tension can be digitalized with the Digital Tension, to provide stable stitching. The operation no more has to rely on individual feel. When thread breakage is detected, the sewing operation is stopped automatically, and a warning is given to the operator.
Powerful 550 W motor offers large amounts of torque even at slow speeds so that strong needle penetration force can be obtained. If needle penetration resistance increases, vibration control (intermittent impact) automatically increases the penetration force.

These machines are the most energy-saving programmable electronic pattern sewers in their class, while they realize high-speed sewing and strong needle penetration force.
Stable thread tightening is achieved at low tension sewing. Excessive or insufficient pressing by the stepping foot can be prevented, enabling a finish with uniform thread tightening.

The operator can select the desired work clamp lowering operation from two patterns by changing the memory switch settings (Two-step lowering or One-step lowering). (Only on BAS-341H/342H)

The driver can be adjusted from the side without tilting the sewing machine, thus reducing time needed for adjustment and improving productivity when the materials are changed.
The 7-inch large screen and easy programming functions via the LCD touch panel enable intuitive operation. It is easily understood without the instruction manual or previous experience in fewer steps.

The maximum sewing area is: 150 mm by 100 mm for BAS-311HN, 220 mm by 100 mm for BAS-326H, 250 mm by 160 mm for BAS-341H and 300 mm by 200 mm for BAS-342H.

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