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The Focal Event for Textile & Textile Engineering Industry in India & Neighboring Regions

The 10th India International Textile Machinery Exhibition (INDIA ITME 2016) will take place from December 3rd to 8th at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre in Goregaon (East, Mumbai, India. Held once every four years, it is the largest exhibition for textile machinery in India. This year, it is expected to have approximately 1,500 exhibitors and attract over 125,000 visitors. The following is an introduction of major exhibitors and their outstanding products.

Highlights of INDIA ITME 2016
Murata Machinery, Ltd. (Muratec) (Hall 1, Booth B24/C19) will showcase infinite possibilities in its lineup of textile machinery, while it continues to evolve as a leading innovator in the industry. Based on the theme “Link to the Future” a balance between high quality and high productivity demanded by the world’s textile market, superior energy saving performance, and differentiation to meet diversifying market needs, the company will introduce solutions through a demonstration and exhibition of the latest automatic winder and the Vortex spinning machine, and will also propose near-future maintenance support for machines in the final spinning process utilizing information technology.
Muratec will exhibit for the first time in India, the Process Coner II QPRO Plus and Process Coner II FPRO Plus automatic winding machines with a variety of newly added functions that have evolved from its leading model Process Coner II series, and have steadily penetrated the market since their debut in 2011.

Muratec will demonstrate the expansion of materials and applications of Vortex spinning through a demonstration of the latest model Vortex III 870, which reflects the culmination of the experience the company has accumulated, and inputs from customers for improved operability and user-friendliness so to enhance reliability in high-speed spinning.

NSC fiber to yarn (Hall 1A, Booth S4) will introduce its complete product range and in particular the latest developments in combing machine ERA40 and in gillboxes with the GC40 and the GN8. N. Schlumberger and Seydel, members of NSC fiber to yarn will introduce two new drafting heads: the GC40 chain gill drafting head and GN8 screw gill drafting head. These two types of drafting heads are perfectly adapted to process any kind of wool or wool-like fibers as well as cashmere.

Rieter (Hall 1, Booth C8D7) will exhibit a wide range of innovations. As a world leader in compact technology, the company will show the K 42 compact spinning machine and the G 32 ring spinning machine with EliTe compacting system. The learning system Rieter UPtime Solutions, which supports the preventive maintenance of plants, represents a further step toward the digitization of spinning mills. In addition, Rieter will exhibit the new single head draw frames generation RSB-D 50 and the R 36 semi-automatic rotor spinning machine. Rieter presents a wide range of technology components under the Bräcker, Graf, Novibra and Suessen trademarks, including the energy-saving spindle LENA by Novibra, which has already established itself very successfully in the market. An innovation in the after sales area is the Q-Package, a package for improving yarn quality in existing plants.

SSM (Hall 1, Booth D17) will launch eight new products in the segments of winding and doubling, and an air-texturing machine will be shown for the first time in India. Special focus will be on the X-Series: the machines (TWX-W/D, PWX-W and PSX-W/D) are the most economized winding solutions, reduced to the max yet maintaining highest flexibility for any cost efficient winding application. Eye-catchers are Xeno, a modular platform covering all dye package winding, rewinding and doubling applications with three leading SSM winding technologies, and the well-known sewing thread finish winding machine TK2-20 CT for cones.

Saurer (Hall 1, Booth B12C11) will be present with its machinery brands; Schlafhorst, Zinser, Allma, Volkmann, Saurer Embroidery and Components brands; Accotex, Daytex, Fibrevision, Temco and Texparts, and will show a full range of innovative products including the ZinserImpact 72 compact spinning machine shown for the first time at INDIA ITME. The made-in-India ZinserImpact 72 will be shown in combination with the Autoconer 6 automatic winding machine. The ZinserImpact 72 is equipped with the self-cleaning Impact FX unit and guarantees top productivity, maximum process reliability and optimal raw material utilization. The new ZinserSpeed 5A roving frame consumes 20% less energy. With a 220 mm gauge, the roving frame is also up to 17% shorter than its legendary predecessor. The new automatic doffer features a doffing time of less than two minutes, guaranteeing maximum efficiency in terms of productivity.

The Autoconer 6, now with E³ label, sets new benchmarks regarding energy, economics and ergonomics, due to intelligent sensor technology and smart process control. Innovations such as LaunchControl, SmartCycle and SmartJet boost productivity by up to 6% compared with the previous model. The new Eco-Drum-Drive system, SmartCycle and the intelligent vacuum control system “Power on demand” reduce energy consumption by up to 20%.

Allma and Volkmann will present innovative products and solutions in the segments of staple fiber yarn, carpet yarn, tire cords, industrial yarn and glass filament yarn. The Volkmann FusionTwister two-for-one twisting machine for staple fiber yarn boasts the best price-performance ratio, and is known worldwide for its high reliability, as well as best twist quality and productivity due to spindle geometry for special applications, increased spindle synchronization, optimum package build-up und high-class yarn guiding elements. Reduction in energy consumption of up to 40% is ensured by the energy-optimized spindle and yarn balloon geometry.

Toyota Industries Corporation (Hall 6, Booth A24) will exhibit two RX300 ring spinning frames with the latest technology compacting device. The RX300 is equipped with End break sensor detection that comes from collaboration with Uster Technologies AG of Switzerland. In addition, the company will show a Mosaic Yarn device that has gained a favorable reputation from customers for delivering outstanding yarn uniqueness.


Groz-Beckert (Hall 6, Booth A23) is a full-service operator in the area of weaving, such as cleaning, drawing-in, knotting and weaving. The company will present the KnotMaster warp-tying machine, whose modular system sets standards in service and ease of maintenance.

Karl Mayer’s Warp Preparation Business Unit (Hall 6, Booth B3) will highlight innovative solutions for sizing, sectional warping and for the denim business. Exhibits will include a smart Size Box which operates on the basis of the spray technology, thus minimizing the process costs, and the new Isomatic, a short warp sampling machine for standard applications that convinces by its excellent price-performance ratio. For the denim sector, Karl Mayer will show a model of the complete indigo dyeing unit Prodye.

Picanol (Hall 6, booth A19) will present all of its latest high-tech looms and underline its prominent position in the Indian market by displaying four high-tech looms. In addition to two recently introduced OptiMax-i rapier looms, two state-of-the-art OMNIplus Summum air-jet looms will also be on display. One of the OptiMax-i rapier looms will be weaving a shirting, and the other a PV suiting. The OMNIplus Summum air-jet looms will be demonstrated weaving a bottomweight fabric and sheeting. Furthermore, one Picanol jacquard OMNIplus Summum loom weaving a deco fabric will be exhibited at the Bonas/Van de Wiele booth.

At the booth of Stäubli (Hall 6, Booth D1), visitors will be able to see a complete jacquard installation in operation and the latest dobbies and cam motions for frame weaving on demonstration stands. Other Stäubli highlights being displayed are weaving preparation systems including automatic warp drawing-in and tying machines, carpet samples woven on Alpha carpet looms and original spare parts. The SX jacquard machine on exhibit is available in two formats: 1,408 and 2,688 hooks; the larger format will be demonstrated weaving with 16,176 harness cords over a reed width of 190 cm. The CX 172 jacquard machine features an independent servo-drive transmission for easy installation, and allows easy adjustment of the heads to match the exact weaving width; it can be seen at the Stäubli booth on a demonstration stand and at a partner’s booth in operation. The SAFIR S40 mobile automatic drawing-in machine will be shown in a different kind of presentation. With its DEIMO brand, Stäubli will exhibit state-of-the-art electronic drives and control solutions for textile machinery and especially for circular knitting machines.

Toyota Industries Corporation (Hall 6, Booth A24) will show two JAT810 air-jet looms. TICO will demonstrate the JAT810 Air-jet weaving machine equipped with its original E-shed servo shedding system. The company has not only improved the quality, speed and energy-saving of the JAT810, it has also expanded its application range and versatility.
Tsudakoma Corporation (Hall 6, Booth D21) will exhibit its ZAX9200i Master series of air-jet looms. The ZAX9200i realizes stability at high weaving speeds, and reduces air consumption by 10% with its clear shedding thanks to a new shortened beating stroke, i-Weave and the DSS-II Direct Sub-nozzle system. A 190 cm reed space model with positive cam motion will be demonstrated weaving a yarn-dyed shirting. The new ZAX9200i Master Terry air-jet loom is an exclusive terry loom featuring enhanced high speeds and operability with new electrical components and Navi-board. A 280 cm reed space model with independent-drive electronic jacquard will be demonstrated weaving high-quality bath towels (3 panels).

Groz-Beckert (Hall 6, Booth A23) will highlight the areas of circular and flat knitting, as well as warp and sock fabrics. The transparent exhibits (detailed replicas of real knitting machines) will provide visitors with insights into the interplay of knitting machine needles and system parts. Another highlight will be the presentation of the Litespeed Plus needle, of which the optimized geometry reduces machine temperature and increases service life, while reducing oil consumption and enabling energy savings in the knitting process of up to 20%. In the area of warp knitting, the transparent exhibits also give interested parties a look at Groz-Beckert compound needles and warp modules.
Karl Mayer (Hall 6, Booth B3) will show innovations in warp knitting, warp preparation and technical textiles. The Warp Knitting Business Unit will exhibit its successful duo belonging to the tricot segment: the HKS 3-M as another representative of the fourth generation of high-performance tricot machines, and the HKS 4-M EL, the high-speed all-rounder that sets new standards in terms of patterning possibilities and productivity. Both models will be shown in a working width of 218″ and a gauge of E 28. Besides, Leo – a clever technology for energy saving and, thus, for cost saving – is supplied as a standard feature on all these machine types.

Saurer Embroidery will show the latest innovations for flexible and efficient embroidery production. In addition to energy savings of up to 5%, users of the Epoca 7 embroidery machines can benefit from a 20% increase in productivity. The Epoca 7 achieves an embroidery speed of up to 700 rpm, and is therefore up to 18% faster than the previous generation. Apart from an increase in production speed, additional functions have been optimized and improved to achieve an overall performance increase of up to 20%.

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