Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

12-9%e3%83%a6%e3%83%8b%e3%82%af%e3%83%adUNIQLO will debut Heattech Ultra Warm innerwear at stores in Japan and the uniqlo.com online store on December 19th.

UNIQLO developed this pinnacle of its Heattech line for people who live in frigid locations or who need to spend long hours working outdoors in sub-zero temperatures.
The new line represents a major advancement in the cold weather performance of Heattech, which has been pivotal to the LifeWear clothing range to deliver outstanding everyday comfort.

Heattech Ultra Warm is around 1.5 times warmer than Heattech Extra Warm and about 2.25 times warmer than regular Heattech. Heattech employs a special yarn structure that traps warm air and increases heat retention as more air is stored. The enhanced performance of Ultra Warm stems from a special knit design that differs from those of its previous Heattech counterparts. This design thickens the fabric, and lengthens the fibers of the brushed lining.

Air pockets between the fibers create a large air layer within the fabric, of which raised fibers offer instant warmth as soon as the garment is worn. It is also comfortable when on the move even in the coldest climates, as it stretches and absorbs moisture. The fabric is soft and gentle to the skin to optimize comfort.

By daisen