Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Huntsman Textile Effects has entered into a partnership and collaboration agreement with the Viyellatex Group of Bangladesh.

This agreement reinforces the recognition of Huntsman as a preferred supplier of the Viyellatex Group. Under this agreement, Huntsman will support Viyellatex’s mills to streamline operations and optimize processes, train technical staffers, and make recommendations to help improve yield and productivity. This strategic cooperation will enable the group to continue to achieve operational excellence and meet the requirements of international brands.

This cooperation agreement will also help the Viyellatex Group maintain its leading edge in the textile industry by leveraging on Huntsman’s R&D capabilities, innovation and focus on sustainability, while continuing to comply with the stringent requirements of customers around the world.
Viyellatex Group Chairman David Hasanat says, “The support from Huntsman will help us be more competitive in this fast growing market. It will help us to comply with the stringent product, operational and environmental demands from our global customers.”

“The Viyellatex Group places strong emphasis on sustainability by minimizing energy usage, adopting waste and water recycling, and using only organic materials and environmentally compliant chemicals and dyes, and Huntsman is the perfect partner in this regard as they share this vision.”

By daisen