Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

1.26AllmaAllma will have a booth at Tire Technology Expo 2017, an international exhibition and conference for tire construction and tire production, from February 14th to 16th in Hanover, Germany.

In hall 2, booth 2056, the Allma team will present their latest developments in tire-cord twisting and cabling processes.

The Cable Corder CC4 with patented energy saving technology stands for the highest profitability. Its innovative technology allows for energy cost savings of up to 50%, and reduces the number of yarn breaks by up to 50%. Furthermore, this model offers low noise emission and simple machine handling. With the patented energy saving upgrade package, the great number of Allma CC3 cabling machines currently in use can be retrofitted with the CC4 technology.

Further innovative developments are the production of balanced 3-ply tire cord in a single-stage process, as well as the possibility to produce hybrid yarns both in the two-for-one and cabling process.

By daisen