Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

The Japan Chemical Fibers Association reported that the nation’s production of man-made fibers in 2016 decreased by 4.6% from the previous year to 915,912 tons, of which synthetic fibers declined by 5.2% to 746,572 tons.

Among major items, the production of polyester staple fiber dropped 17.0% to 111,436 tons, as structural reforms of domestic production bases were carried out. The production of acrylic staple fiber fell 10.2% to 127,116 tons due to the antidumping measures in China and the worsening fake fur market. Nylon filament production remained about the same (down 0.1% to 89,414 tons); apparel applications were stagnant in Japan and abroad, but in industrial applications, the use in airbags was strong. Polyester filament production decreased by 3.0% to 123,856 tons; apparel applications were generally low, and applications in interior goods lacked enough vigor for an upswing, whereas in industrial applications, the use in building materials was strong.

The production of polypropylene staple fiber grew by 6.6% to 60,301 tons thanks to vigorous application in nonwoven sanitary goods.

By daisen