Asahi Kasei Roica premium stretch fiber for all modern wardrobe needs

旭化成ロイカAsahi Kasei Corporation is promoting the “Roica” premium stretch fiber brand in the European market through exhibiting in the Yarn show of Premiere Vision.
Together, several partners of the premium stretch fiber, produced by Asahi Kasei, will show the most interesting innovations for all modern wardrobe needs.

Roica offers an “Advanced Fit for Living” thanks to a unique and innovative range of smart Roica functions to suit every modern wardrobe need. Roica is distributed from five product locations around the world. (Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Germany)

Roica improves and refines your clothes, giving pleasure, quality and confidence every day, bringing new value and real values to demanding contemporary consumers and brands alike, where stretch performance from a standard fiber now becomes a specialty.

Roica transforms the way clothes work from Basic, Ordinary & Standard to Special, Clever & Smart. Choosing Roica means you can enjoy the best in style, fit and finish designed for new levels of comfort and better control.

Asahi Kasei from Japan has engineered specialty innovations into Roica Premium Stretch.
It is in an unbroken DNA line drawn all the way from Japanese dedicated research all the way to the final consumer that sees Roica delivering on unique, smart specialty yarns with functions that match every contemporary need. Roica transforms the stretch in our lives from the ordinary to the clever!

Roica Contour: a family of yarns that create new shaping, stretch and silhouette solutions for a calibrated fit, effortless control, softness, comfort and support for the high performance designed especially for shape wear and other applications.

Roica Colour Perfect: a family that offer yarns that can give excellent, flawless and world unique color dimensions in advanced fit solution. One of the latest examples: Roica has created a new standard in color technology delivering a unique match-dyed finish, and an undetectable matte look for refined stretch materials now even in blends with cellulosics, including cotton, viscose, modal and lyocell, a feature that was not possible until now!

旭化成写真1 Roica Eco-Smart: a true world first with the most contemporary sustainable range of responsible produced premium ingredients where we can find the only GRS certified sustainable eco-stretch material in the world today, designed for more responsible, eco-sensitive, certificated choices.

Roica Resistance: a functional group of stretch solutions with measurable performance designed for specific and particular hi-tech applications including heat, chemical resistance such as chlorine, and odor care in make and wear.