Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

合繊スポーツ素材Japanese synthetic fiber producers position sportswear as a priority area where the functionality of synthetic fibers can be put to good use. Even for the spring/summer 2018 season, the producers are aggressively developing and presenting new fabrics.

Toray Industries, Inc. has developed “Moist+” nylon woven and knitted fabrics that reduces stuffiness by its high moisture absorbing-releasing performance and also possesses antistatic property. Combining original polymer, spinning and high-level processing technologies, this function is achieved by producing a yarn with a core-sheath structure of which a special moisture absorbing-releasing polymer is used for the core. Toray is also placing an emphasis on the “Primeflex” unified brand for woven and knitted stretch fabrics.

Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd. is famous for its “Deltapeak” woven and knitted fabrics that boast a high balance among physical properties, functionalities and quality, for sportswear applications. Deltapeak is made with a special false-twisted polyester composite yarn, and it continues to evolve year by year with an expanding variety. The majority of Deltapeak knitted fabrics is produced in Japan; because these fabrics can be customized in accordance to customer needs, they are highly appreciated and used by sportswear megabrands.

In addition to Deltapeak, Teijin Frontier is focusing on “Octa Neo” for spring/summer 2018. Octa Neo is produced with a combination of multi-functional polyester filaments that have an eight-fin hollow cross section and staple fibers such as natural fibers. It possesses the light weight, bulkiness, breathability and moisture absorbing-releasing performance of filaments, along with the good feeling and anti-transparency of staple fibers. Furthermore, Octa Neo has texture with body and stretch. For sportswear applications, “Solotex” PTT fiber has also been launched as a priority material.

Toyobo STC Co., Ltd. will newly introduce “3250 Fibers”, which is made with a special filament/staple fiber composite yarn based on the company’s “Microclimate” theory. Sweat is separated into gas and liquid phases, and the environment inside the garment is optimized from both aspects of temperature and humidity.

Asahi Kasei Advance Corporation has developed “Toughtrex” multi-functional knits, which obtain a soft texture by imparting fine crimps, thanks to the use of combined yarn processing techniques including twisting. It also has stretch, snag resistance and anti-transparency, and can also be used for garments for intense sports.

Unitika Trading Co., Ltd. has developed “Tacteem” water-repellent woven and knitted fabrics using nylon filament. A polyester filament type has been available from before, and the company is aiming to develop the outdoor field with the addition of a nylon filament variety. A special composite yarn with fine crimps gives the fabric a fine uneven structure. Tacteem boasts long-lasting water repellency, as a fluorine-type (C6 type) water repellent finishing free of PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) is combined to increase the water repellency so that water droplets roll on the fabric surface.

By daisen