Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

The Exlan Operating Department (EOD) of Toyobo Co., Ltd. manufactures and markets high-performance fibers such as acrylate staple fiber and special acrylic staple fiber. In the Toyobo Group, Japan Exlan Co., Ltd. is responsible for the production of these acrylate and special acrylic staple fibers, and with such differentiated materials, it is developing markets in the U.S. and Europe, as well as placing an emphasis on sales to overseas sportswear companies. As part of these activities, it has been exhibiting in ISPO Munich, which is the world’s largest sports exhibition, since 2016.

Personalized Fabrics to Be Presented at ISPO Munich

エクスラン(東洋紡)Even at ISPO Munich from February 5th to 8th, the company will present personalized materials, and will appeal the difference with sweat-absorbing quick-drying polyester that is widely used for sportswear.

Exhibits include lightweight warmth-retaining materials such as “Eks” acrylate fiber featuring sweat-absorbing/heat-generating performance, “Ceram” far-infrared ray emitting acrylic fiber and “Gokui” acrylic ultrafiber, along with acrylate fibers with functions such as ph control and sweat-deodorizing property.

Eks acrylate fiber possesses sweat-absorbing/heat-generating property. While the air inside the clothing is kept dry by the absorption of perspiration vapor, a warm and comfortable temperature is maintained even in cold weather during the winter, as the kinetic energy of vapor is converted into thermal energy. Ceram is characterized by its warmth, as far-infrared ray emitting ceramics have been kneaded into the acrylic staple fiber. Gokui is soft, smooth and light as extremely fine fibers of 0.5 dtex are used.

The company is a pioneer of acrylate fiber. Especially, acrylate fiber with sweat-absorbing/heat-generating function is used for warmth-retaining underwear by major Japanese sportswear companies. These products are synonymous for warmth-retaining underwear in Japan.

At ISPO Munich, a completely new acrylate fiber will be introduced. “Zeeta” features breatheability and cooling. Having a structure different from conventional acrylate fibers, moisture actively permeates, and a cooling effect is achieved as soon as the sweat dries. The company intends to market Zeeta for application in sports underwear and poloshirts.

The company’s acrylate and acrylic staple fibers are known among Japanese sportswear companies for application in warmth-retaining underwear. Although sales to American and European sportswear firms are still small, its participation in ISPO Munich is gradually resulting in business. Even in the future, it will continue to focus on expanding this field.

By daisen