Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

The Fibers & Textiles SBU of Asahi Kasei Corporation is launching plans that make full use of the functions of Bemberg cupro fiber in the innerwear market for spring/summer 2018.

At a recent exhibition in Tokyo, it promoted the merits of Bemberg to customers by revealing high-gauge knits made with 44-dtex filaments.

In its presentation of innerwear materials for spring/summer 2018, pure cupro fabrics (including some polyurethane blends) are used to express the characteristics of cupro, such as the original hand of Bemberg. It had been difficult to use fine 100% Bemberg because of its strength, but this challenge has been overcome with the advancement of knitting technology including equipment.

At the exhibition, a large number of high-gauge knits were on display. A 46-gauge jersey made with 44-dtex spandex bare yarn featured a beautiful luster and smooth texture. A 24-gauge bare circular rib fabric knitted with 80-count spun yarn (0.8 dtex) was also on exhibit.

By daisen