Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

The Hokuriku Branch of Itochu Corporation plans to expand fabric exports centering on its original brand, Livinax.

The branch exhibited in the recent Milano Unica and Première Vision, and its endeavors are beginning to produce results; therefore, developments and proposals are being strengthened in an effort to achieve greater expansion.

Livinax pursues the fusion of functionality, comfort and beautiful appearance of fabrics, and was launched more than ten years ago for expanding exports of Japanese-made high-function fabrics. Sportswear applications have been predominant, and an emphasis has been placed on the development of fashion wear applications since it began to exhibit in Première Vision in February 2016. Business has mainly been with French brands, and customers placing repeat orders are becoming established. At European textile exhibitions this February, negotiations were also rich in contents with many buyers from countries other than France, Italy and Germany.

By daisen