Thu. May 30th, 2024

According to Japanese Ministry of Finance trade statistics, the nation’s exports of shuttleless looms for weaving fabrics with widths exceeding 30 cm in 2016 increased by 11.8% in quantity and 13.2% in value over the previous year to 12,497 looms worth 53,672.62 million yen.

China overtook India in the fourth quarter of last year to become the largest market. 2016 exports to China increased by 5.2% in quantity to 4,688, while the value remained about the same as 2015 at 18,740.25 million yen.

2016 shuttleless loom exports to India climbed 48.9% and 50.0% respectively to 3,776 worth 17,272.99 million yen.

By daisen