In-House Show of Superlatives Marks Karl Mayer’s 80th Anniversary

Karl Mayer celebrated its 80th anniversary with business partners at its headquarters in Obertshausen, Germany on July 6th.

The world leader and trendsetter in warp knitting and warp preparation machines is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. Eighty years of successfully doing business also means eight decades of providing the textile sector with the latest innovations.

Karl Mayer is demonstrating these by holding a number of celebrations to mark its anniversary, during which in-house shows at the company’s various locations will give an insight into the production technology and likely textile developments of the future. The highlight of these innovation shows was the event held at the company’s headquarters in Obertshausen.

The celebration brought together more than 750 guests from 50 countries, such as India, China, Taiwan and Japan.

Karl Mayer presented itself to visitors as a company that is ideally placed to face the future. During a guided tour, the guests were shown the completely renovated Component Production Department, an Assembly Hall, which was opened at the end of last year, and the modern Development Centre.

Over the last five years, the company has invested 60 million euro in improving the competitiveness of its high-tech locations in Germany, Italy and Japan, such as in a new plant, modernizing production facilities and new IT systems.

The in-house show demonstrated nine partially revamped and newly developed machines from the company’s Warp Knitting, Technical Textiles and Warp Preparation Business Units, as well as new textile developments having the potentials to generate new business. Visitors were extremely impressed by the show. Leo Wu of Wu Luen Knitting Co., Ltd. says, “Karl Mayer is extremely innovative and progressive in all of its machine sectors. The machines feature a high level of automation, operate at an impressive level of efficiency, and are easy to operate. They are the kings among the machines available on the market.”