JEC Group Presents Huge Opportunities for Composites Industry in Seoul

The JEC Group, the largest composites industry organization in the world, brings to light the growing importance composites materials have in every industrial sector. On July 12th, JEC President and CEO Frédérique Mutel shared her analysis of current and future trends with the Korean press, industrialists, officials and academics.

She comments, “Every time I come to Seoul, I am always amazed by the dynamism of the Korean market regarding composites materials and innovations in general. I feel a unique economic vitality from what I call the “golden triangle” formed by the government, industry and research together with Material Sciences and Engineering. The proof is the large number of participants we welcomed today. I hope that they grasped the current situation for composites materials as well as the challenges and competitions that we will have to overcome together. These are points of reflection that they will be able to pursue during the 10th JEC Asia next November 1-3, 2017 in Seoul.”

The conference was prestigiously opened by Fabien Penone, French Ambassador to Korea. The Ambassador welcomed the relocation of JEC Asia to Seoul, and is looking forward to a promising event next November.

During the conference, prominent guest speakers took the stage. Jung, President of the Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology, discussed about the carbon industry in Jeonbuk. Finally, Kim, President of the Korean Society for Composites Materials, presented the current states and prospects of composites materials in Korea.

For the first time, JEC Asia will be hosting the 12th International Carbon Festival, the Symposium on Carbon Materials and Composite Technologies. “The topics addressed by the ICF symposium are fully complementary subjects to JEC Asia conferences. We believe that the 50% expected international attendees will make the most of the event and of the beautiful city of Seoul” adds JEC Group Asia Director Christian Strassburger.