Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

           At the China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show (CISMA 2017) that is being held in Shanghai until the 29th, Japanese sewing machine makers are exhibiting state-of-the-art models that realize automation. Amid the trends towards Smart Factory, there are also moves to promote collaboration with the peripheral equipment sector.

The exhibition area of CISMA 2017 is approximately 110,000 m2, and exhibitors number over 1,200 from 24 countries and regions. At the show, the booths of Japanese companies are crowded with visitors wanting to see the latest apparel manufacturing technologies from world’s leading sewing machine makers.

Brother Industries proposes a production control system that can be used from just one sewing machine for factories having 500-1,000 workers, and is also exhibiting new models including a lockstitch machine with an electronic feed system and bar-tacking machine. The Nexio S-7250A positioned between high-end and low-end models targets users of the S-7100 model satisfying their needs for higher quality and automation.

Pegasus is showing automatic and labor-saving models and a digital process analysis system. An oil-barrier type, four-needle, feed-off-the-arm, interlock stitch machine for flatseaming is a new model currently under development, and is drawing considerable attention.

JUKI is exhibiting the latest models incorporating advanced automatic technologies and automatic models that increase productivity and improve quality, and in response to increasing interest in Smart Factories, the company is proposing total production line solutions combined with peripheral equipment, such as Shima Seiki automatic cutting machines and Epson printers.

Yamato introduced a semi-automatic workstation for circular hemming operation, which creates a highly elastic seam suitable for stretch materials. The company is promoting the proposal of solutions satisfying customers’ production problems without being concerned with automatic machines.

By daisen