EDANA Publishes New Guidelines for Testing Femcare Products

           EDANA, the leading global association and voice of nonwovens and related industries, shared new testing guidelines for femcare products at OUTLOOK 2017, the world’s premier nonwoven personal care products and hygiene conference.

The guidance document aims to meet demands for relevant, accurate, reliable and comparable tests, covering performance standards as well as substance testing across a range of feminine hygiene products.

Introduced by EDANA Scientific & Technical Affairs Director Marines Lagemaat, the guidelines are designed as a best practice tool for third parties to ensure the scientifically sound testing of femcare products and meaningful results. The guidelines were developed by a group of experts from hygiene product manufacturers, their suppliers and leading test institutes with expertise in testing femcare products.

The guidelines are comprehensive, covering a range of femcare products (pantyliners, tampons and sanitary pads), all forms of testing and each step involved in a test, from design and methodology to the interpretation and communication of results. Statistical methodology and technical parameters impacting test results were taken into consideration for the development of the guidelines.

In addition to technical and methodological guidance, the guidelines remind organizations conducting tests of several key principles, including the importance of in-use testing through the integration of consumer panels and ensuring a sufficient sample size. Practical information such as contact details for the main manufacturers and suggested laboratories that are EDANA members are included, along with standard method references and template questions for user trials.