ASEAN Continues to Increase Their Share in Japanese Apparel Imports

According to The Japan Textiles Importers Association report on Japanese apparel imports, based on Ministry of Finance trade statistics, November 2017 apparel imports sharply increased by 17.0% over the same month of the previous year to 224,405 million yen. The import quantity rose by 7.3% to 293.89 million units.

The share of Chinese-made apparel in total imports decreased, while that of ASEAN increased.

Imports from China increased by 4.7% in quantity and 14.8% in value to 195.11 million units worth 140,657 million yen. China’s share in total Japanese apparel imports was 66.4% in quantity (down 1.7 percentage points) and 62.7% in value (down 1.2%).

Imports from ASEAN sharply rose by 16.7% and 24.9% respectively to 79.40 million units valued at 60,128 million yen. Imports of knitwear continued to increase at a remarkable rate from October, up 20.3% and 25.0% respectively to 54.49 million units valued at 29,871 million yen. Major garment-making countries such as Myanmar and Vietnam showed a prominent presence in Japanese apparel imports, and imports also increased from Indonesia. The share of ASEAN in total Japanese apparel imports was 27.0% in quantity (up 2.2 points) and 26.8% in value (up 1.7%).

Woven garments continued to lead imports from Turkey from October.