Brückner Line for Market Leader in Flame-Retardant Coating

Brückner Technology Centre in Leonberg

Flameproofings Ltd. of the U.K. is a market leader in the flame-retardant coating of fabrics for the upholstery and household textiles markets.

The company is part of the John Holden Group and a third generation family business, established over 50 years ago. It installed and commissioned recently a state-of-the-art Brückner coating plant in its facility in Bolton, U.K.

Brückner worked extensively with the Flameproofings team to define requirements and customize the design of the machine to ensure that all expectations were met or exceeded in all regards. Essential requirements were best-in-class heat and temperature consistency across and throughout the dryer, non-stop batch changeover and exact application as well as control of the coating media according to customer requirements. Besides the technical features, Flameproofings had high expectations in reducing energy consumption in support of its sustainability initiatives.

Brückner’s design team, in conjunction with Flameproofings, developed a sophisticated line entry concept with two driven unwind stands, followed by a tension controlled roller accumulator to avoid length tensions and providing improved dimensional stability. The coating line is equipped with a vertical pin chain system, and has specially designed air plenums for homogenous air distribution to the coated fabric. The direct gas heating system, in combination with Brückner’s staggered chamber arrangement and patented split-flow air circulation design, provide the best available temperature consistency across the length and the width of the stenter dryer.

Before the order had been finalized, Brückner proofed its competence with coating trials at it technological center in the company’s headquarter in Leonberg, Germany.

The new Brückner coating line is able to fulfill the high expectations of Flameproofings in regard to energy consumption, productivity and easy handling.