Aeon Investing in SIGNA Sports United

Aeon Co., Ltd. will make an investment in SIGNA Sports United GmbH (SSU) based in Berlin, Germany.

The number one sports E-commerce platform operator in Europe has approximately 80 web shops in 17 countries, with a focus on attractive growth categories such as bikes, tennis, outdoor, team sports and athleisure.

SSU boasts strength in the assembly of bikes, automated logistic systems and proprietary software, enabling it to conduct AI driven dynamic pricing and offer personally customized wear. Customers highly appraise the company for its superior net promoter scores and as a high growth company in higher growth categories.

Alongside accelerating one of the key areas of the group strategy, Digital Shift, Aeon is focusing its investments on IT, digital and logistics in a larger proportion than traditional investments in physical stores.

The investment in SSU will enable Aeon to further accelerate Digital Shift by leveraging SSU’s know-how of creating a strong EC platform and strengthening personalized merchandise recommendation, backed by AI, as well as leveraging other multiple components of SSU’s strong business model in the sports and E-commerce areas.