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Sophia Krinner and the functional warp-knitted textile innovation Smart Shirt at IDTechEx Show! 2019
Sophia Krinner and the functional warp-knitted textile innovation Smart Shirt at IDTechEx Show! 2019

As an expert partner for the manufacturing of e-textiles, Karl Mayer exhibited at IDTechEx Show! 2019 on November 20th and 21st in Santa Clara, California (U.S.), and gave a presentation on its field of expertise. This was the second time the innovative textile machine manufacturer participated in this event, and its staff was extremely satisfied with their positive showing.

“The upgrades we’ve made to our 2018 solutions allowed us to establish ourselves as a trendsetter when it comes to the direct integration of wires into textiles. This technology just keeps unlocking more and more potentials, and there’s a lot of interest in it for practical applications,” said Michael Kieren, Product Manager for New Textile Technologies. Kieren went on to explain that this is a particular important moment to ensure that the company has a presence in the sector, as the textile industry is providing stiff competition with procedures such as printed electronics.

At this year’s event, the renowned manufacturer of textile machines turned up with a smart shirt for measuring vital bodily functions in its suitcase – and much more besides. The sensor monitoring technology for the item of clothing is incorporated directly into the made-to-measure textile during production. The warp knitting machine’s string bar technology allows the manufacturer to adapt the expansion, shape and position of the sensitive areas to suit the requirements of the application at hand. As such, the Textile-Circuit textile remote control technology offers unrivalled efficiency.

IDTechEx Show! is a red-letter day for anyone with an interest in new technology. The latest edition of the conference and exhibition attracted around 3,500 visitors from 60 different countries. Over 270 exhibitors and star speakers from industrial and research backgrounds competed for the guests’ attention on the program, which included around 270 speeches. The presentations covered all the latest contents and issues: energy storage, printed electronics, sensors, Internet of Things, electro-mobility and wearables.

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