Fri. May 31st, 2024

           JUKI Corporation has launched a semi-dry head, 2-needle, needle-feed, lockstitch sewing system in overseas markets.

This new sewing system is based on the 2-needle lockstitch machine, and comes with digitalized sewing adjustment functions, which achieve higher seam quality and shorter setup changing time, as well as enabling production management by interlocking JUKI exclusive application and the sewing machine.

This sewing system is utilized for sewing decorative stitches on jeans pockets, collars and sleeve cuffs of blousons, and attaching tapes to bra cups. Higher seam quality is required because the finished seams are exposed on the top surface of the product.

Two types of sewing machines have been launched; one is designed for sewing jeans and heavyweight materials and the second for sewing foundation garments.

When the sewing machine for jeans and heavyweight materials sews the corners of pockets, the number of outer and inner stitches is automatically controlled, and beautifully finished parallel stitches are produced. Before the start of production, corner stitching information such as needle gauge and stitching angle is input through the operation panel, and the operator only has to turn the material at the corner portions of pockets during production. The sewing machine is provided with a multi-layered part detection device to produce equally tensed seams of consistent stitch length even at multi-layered parts of the material.

The sewing machine for foundation garments is the world’s first of its kind that allows the use of large hooks. Since the amount of bobbin thread is increased by 80%, the frequency of bobbin thread changing is reduced by approximately 40%, which contributes to shorter setup changing time and reduced workload on the operator.

Furthermore, the sewing machine is environmentally friendly, as the power consumption during standby time (when the sewing machine is at rest) is reduced by approximately 50%, and that during operation is reduced by approximately 30%.

JUKI is expanding sales of the LH-4500C series that improves seam quality, reduces setup changing time and enables production management by interlocking the sewing machine and JUKI application. The company is also assisting customers to establish smart factories through the pursuit of IoT solutions.

By daisen