Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Chopped Carbon Fiber Tenax-E HT C604 6 mm
Chopped Carbon Fiber Tenax-E HT C604 6 mm

Teijin Carbon Europe GmbH has increased the production capacity of its German produced chopped carbon fiber type Tenax-E HT C604 6 mm by 40%.

The capacity increase was made in response to growing demand among European electronics manufacturers in recent years, as well as to currently increasing needs for compounds for medical devices.

The success of the German chopped product C604 is based on its excellent quality, enabling the production of high-grade compounds (plastic granulate reinforced with carbon fiber) with superior mechanical properties and good electrical conductivity.

Demand for C604 has increased significantly in recent years. So far, demand of European customers has partly been satisfied by delivering the same product type produced at Teijin’s Mishima plant in Japan. With the increased German capacity, Teijin can now react more flexibly to inquiries in the European market.

Other product types of Tenax short fiber – chopped, pelletized or milled – are produced at plants in Japan and the U.S. They are supplied in a variety of sizings to be used, besides thermoplastic materials, with thermosets and in water-based processes.

Teijin is further strengthening the development of its carbon fiber product portfolio, and aims to become a company that supports the society of the future by delivering innovative high-performance materials and solutions with real value.

By daisen