Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

 Toray Industries, Inc., announced that it will release its Toraysee Reversible Cleaning Cloth in five new colors early April. The 24cm x 24cm microfiber item will retail for 700 yen, plus consumption tax, at eyewear and Toray shops around Japan and through the Takezawa Online Shop.

 Toray debuted the Toraysee Reversible Cleaning Cloth in 2019 and introduced a Japanese patterned version in 2020. This new offering combines five in-trend hues with five popular ones from the regular Toraysee color cloth range.

 Contrasting with the colors on one side of the cloths are reverse sides featuring prints of herringbones, stripes, and other fabric patterns. The cloths can also serve as distinctive pocket square accessories for men and women of all ages.

 Toray debuted the Toraysee brand in 1987. The innovative cloths employ 100% polyester microfibers with diameters of just two microns, or around 1/1,600th the diameter of a human hair. The company has developed an array of very well received items under that brand.

Gaps between the fibers are invisible to the naked eye and draw dirt into them to deftly remove sebum from eyewear lenses and smartphone and other touch panels without scratching them.

 Conventional cloths cannot match these capabilities. The cloths can also clean accessories, watches, mirrors, and other items. They can be washed numerous times for repeated use. Toray will continue to develop high-value-added merchandise for the Toraysee series in the years ahead.

By daisen