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Since its founding in 1924, Yuasa Yarn Guide has specialized in manufacturing and sales of yarn guides

Yuasa Yarn Guide(H3-B314)   New Twist Stop Wheel and Oiling Guide Introduced

 In addition to the development of new products, yarn guide manufacturer Yuasa Yarn Guide Engineering Co., Ltd. proposes the most suitable yarn guides and tension devices after conducting various evaluation tests with the yarns received from the customer. At ITMA 2023, the company will be exhibiting through U.K. distributor Ascotex Limited, and the Japanese staff at the booth will promote mainly products for spun yarn winding and yarn processing.

 One of the products is a new metal twist stop wheel (utility model acquired in China). The twist wheel is about 20% lighter than conventional products, and reduces starting torque and rotation torque. It also lasts longer as the yarn contact diameter is increased by about 8%. The material has been changed to stainless steel to improve corrosion resistance, and optimum surface treatment and bearing type can be selected according to the yarn type and standard.

 Because the yarn guide section can be replaced, the insert-type oiling guide (utility model acquired in China) features: (1) Running cost is reduced by approximately 50%, and (2) The number of replacement days are fewer.

 A high ratio of Yuasa Yarn Guide products is designed for manmade fibers, and business with Chinese synthetic fiber producers is particularly large. Although it continues to strengthen operations in the Chinese market, an increasing number of machinery manufacturers are acquiring intellectual property rights for yarn guides. The company will focus on promoting sales of spare parts, because when trouble occurs, the warranty will not apply if a non-genuine product is used. In order to do so, a future task is to have its products used as genuine parts on new models.

Takayama Reed(H6-A309) Promoting Reeds, Etc. That Can Change Fabric Density

 Takayama Reed Co., Ltd. was founded in 1915 as a business for repairing reeds, and has been producing reeds for over 100 years. The company also sells physical property testers and measuring instruments made in Switzerland and other countries. With the theme of “bamboo”, which was once used as a material for reeds, products that will be promoted at ITMA 2023 include the Gradation Density Reed, Magic Reed and TR-7700SN mini.

 Gradation Density Reed can set the pitch (density) for each dent, allowing the weaver to freely change the reed density at any location on the reed, thus contributing to better quality of fabrics that shrink considerably and improving color differences in denims.

 Knots made by a tying machine are often larger than the gaps of reed dents, and when the knots are forced through, the knots frequently break and must be tied again. Magic Reed solves this knot problem with a special shape of reed dents, which contributes to productivity improvements. For large-sized filter cloths, the necessary time for exchanging warps is reduced significantly.

 The TR-7700SN mini is a miniaturized version of the TR-7700SN, a measuring instrument that properly sets the sub-nozzles of air-jet looms for stable operation. At ITMA 2023, Takayama Reed will also exhibit reeds for various weaving operations, reeds for warp preparation machines, maintenance equipment, etc.

 Approximately 80% of the company’s sales are overseas. In addition to the major market of India, Takayama Reed sells its products to China, Europe, the U.S., Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Turkey. In order to expand sales in India, the company is strengthening e-REED, which has energy-saving effects, and is working on shortening the delivery time. In sales to China, importance is attached to quality and price. As for sales to Europe and the U.S., it is actively proposing large reeds (for filter cloths) and reeds for warp preparation machines.

Kaji Seisakusho(H6-A207) Promotion of a Camera System That Automatically Detects Fabric Defects

 Kaji Seisakusho Inc. designs and manufactures made-to-order textile machinery, industrial machinery, labor-saving equipment, etc. The company is characterized for its integrated production system from materials and parts to finished products. At ITMA 2023, it will present a camera system that automatically detects defects in various types of sheets including fabrics.

 This system combines the rule-based and AI methods for detecting very small defects, reducing costs and improving takt time. Costs are reduced by shooting with one camera with multiple lighting positions that excel in defect detection, and combining the images into one. The positions of various defects can also be indicated by mapping display.

 Kaji Seisakusho is focusing on labor-saving equipment, and offers a lineup of models that are easy for small- and medium-sized companies to introduce. The company is also attaching importance to sales outside Japan, and decided to exhibit in ITMA for the first time.

Tajima(H9-D107) Introducing an AI Embroidery Machine

 At ITMA 2023, Tajima Industries Ltd. will demonstrate the TMEZ-SC single-head AI embroidery machine featuring automatic upper thread tension adjustment (i-TM) and efficient operation of embroidery customization using the DG.NET network management system.

 Orders are received on an E-commerce site, and embroidery data is automatically generated with a preview of the completion of embroidery customization. In the production of embroidery goods, automatic needle thread tension adjustment by AI enables stable production of high-quality goods regardless of the experience of the operator.

 A shuttle bus service to the showroom of Tajima’s Italian distributor, Studio Auriga Srl is planned so that all models can be seen.

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