Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
The one-touch mounting mechanism greatly improves on-site workability

Awa Spindle(H3-B301) New Yarn Guide Design Improves Interlacing and Energy-Saving Performance

 Awa Spindle Co. Ltd. manufactures air-jet nozzles, which are used as standard by the world’s major synthetic fiber equipment manufacturers. In response to individual requests from synthetic fiber producers, the company also supplies made-to-order replacement products that improve productivity and energy efficiency. Awa Spindle has a good reputation for its thorough customer service utilizing a network of 26 business partners in 22 countries around the world including Japan.

 At ITMA 2023, a newly developed interlace nozzle, AF-1 will be exhibited. Interlacing is improved by 20% thanks to a newly designed yarn guide cross-sectional shape. In addition to qualitative improvements by stabilizing yarn properties, less fluff and reduced flow rate, the same quality as conventional products can be obtained, leading to a reduction of running costs. Proposals are first being made for polyester applications. Unlike conventional products that require screwing, the latch-type one-touch mounting mechanism requires no tools. It is easy to inspect and replace, thus leading to better on-site workability. The product on exhibit will be of single nozzle specification, but there are plans to introduce a multi-end model.

 The TA-2 series, which was previously proposed for migration nozzles, also has an improved yarn guide for better interlacing performance, maintaining the same quality and reducing the air flow rate by 20%. It can also be used as an interlace nozzle, expanding the range of proposals. Awa Spindle has achieved a compact 4 mm pitch specification that contributes to space saving in the plant layout. This product has a long history of being used and has a wealth of background data, so the company can make detailed customization for various synthetic fibers for each customer. In addition to the main market of China, sales are to be strengthened to India through its exhibition at ITMA. It hopes to capture demand for both new installations and retrofits in India, where capital investments are vigorous.

Kato Tech(H4-E304) Manufacture and Sales of Testing Equipment for Objective Evaluation of Texture

 Kato Tech Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells testing equipment that objectively evaluates texture, which is a subjective criterion based on hand touch sensation. The KES series, a technology that conducts highly accurate and reproducible measurements in micro areas of load, has a high correlation with the sensory evaluation of texture determined by artisans, and is used in various sectors other than textiles, such as cosmetics, food and automobiles.

 Under the themes of “texture”, “the uniqueness of Kyoto” and “upcycle”, Kato Tech will exhibit the KES-N4 surface tester, KES-QM warm/cool feeling measurement tester, HapLog wearable tactile action sensor and KES-G5 compression tester.

 The company positions electric vehicles in China and the U.S. as key markets. With the advancement of autonomous driving, comfort of the interior space will be required, so it is considered that determining a comfortable touch and feeling will increase in importance.

Nitta Industries Europe(H3-E104)  Spinning Machine Belts with Antistatic Property on Both Sides

 Nitta Corporation is a manufacturer of industrial belts, and at ITMA 2023 Nitta Industries Europe GmbH a subsidiary of the Company will promote various types of belts for ring and open-end spinning machines with panel displays. It will also have a small machine for demonstration purposes. The company has continued to exhibit at ITMA. Through this exhibition, it aims to gain new customers, as well as collecting the latest information on textile machinery.

  At ITMA 2023, Nitta will introduce PolySprint TFL-BK22E26-2, a spinning machine belt with enhanced antistatic property. Conventional belts had an antistatic property only on one side, but by adding antistatic property to both sides, antistatic property is increased further.

 Driven by overseas sales, the company’s sales of belts for spinning machines have been stable, and sales have increased in Southeast Asia China, India, East Europe, North Africa and North America.

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