ITMA2023 Vol.5

Michishita Iron Works (MIC) (H6-B110) Tufting Machines That Match Price and Quality

 Michishita Iron Works Co., Ltd. (MIC) manufactures and sells tufting machines, and will be exhibiting at ITMA for the first time. The company expanded its sales mainly in overseas markets even during the COVID-19 pandemic, and delivered about 24 tufting machines in 2022.

 MIC-brand tufting machines are characterized for being “just right”. Its machines cost less than Western-made machines and are more expensive than those made in China, and are highly appreciated for being hard to break down as well as “matching price and quality requirements”.

 Exports are currently mainly to China, Southeast and West Asia, and MIC decided to exhibit at ITMA 2023 in order to increase its recognition in Europe and the U.S. In particular, the company will promote a patterning device with a needle bar that moves at ultra-high speed with a linear motor and can be positioned with high precision, and ICY yarn feeding device that controls each of the yarns. The linear motor patterning device is patented in Japan, China, the EU and U.S.

Seiko Epson(H7-B206) A New Inkjet Printer on Exhibit

 Seiko Epson Corporation uses its own printer heads for inkjet printers, and offers a wide range of products with sales bases and service systems extending worldwide. The theme for ITMA 2023 is sustainability and digitization in inkjet printing, and the company will exhibit a new inkjet printer that applies new marking technology. This new inkjet printer is scheduled to go on sale in stages around the world from the first quarter of 2024. Moreover, Seiko Epson plans to exhibit 4 to 5 types of concept models including this new inkjet printer.

 In 2020, the company’s group companies of Fratelli Robustelli S.r.l. of Italy and For.Tex S.r.l., whose headquarters is located in Como, Italy, were merged. This merger integrated the managements of Fratelli Robustelli, which develops and manufactures inkjet printers, and For.Tex, which undertakes the sales of ink and support.

 Seiko Epson positions the digitization of inkjet printers as a growth area. Its booth at this year’s ITMA is approximately 100 square meters, or almost double the size of the previous exhibition, and the company will introduce the latest printing solutions and technology that were refined in the agglomeration of the textile industry.

Mimaki(H7-C304) Introduction of New Model for Print Transfer Sheets

 Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. is focusing on offering solutions suitable for both areas of production and consumption. At ITMA 2023, the company will promote the TxF150-75 direct-to-film inkjet printer for print transfer sheets and TS330-1600 water-based sublimation transfer inkjet printer under the theme of “Sustainability & Circularity”.

 The TxF150-75 has a maximum printing width of 80 cm, and uses PHT50 heat transfer pigment inks consisting of the five colors of CMYK and white. The inks have acquired Eco Passport certification, which is essential for obtaining Oeko-Tex. The TS330-1600 has a large 10-kg ink tank supply unit. Its maximum printing speed is 135 m2/h.