Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

 Bemberg by Asahi Kasei, the unique fiber obtained from cotton linters, will be the sustainable hero of the upcoming edition of A Dress for Venice, the project conceived by Venezia da Vivere starting from 2019.

 After the announcement on April 1st during the VFW Research Edition, which gathered renowned sustainability experts, Bemberg and A Dress for Venice are joining forces to develop a high profile yet synergic collaboration, focusing on a valuable, innovative and sustainable at the same time approach.

 Set to take place in October 2023 during the Fall-Winter edition of VFW, A Dress for Venice aims at celebrating Venice by connecting its thousand-year long craftsmanship to sustainability, fashion and art, enhancing the role of Venice as eternal source of inspiration: with its hidden gems, the city exudes uniqueness, beauty and a whispered luxury. Bemberg by Asahi Kasei reflects the same grace, elegance, preciousness; capturing the hearts of people around the world with a timeless passion.Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei has a circular economy footprint, since obtained through a closed-loop process ensuring certified sustainability credentials through its transparent and traceable approach.

 Bemberg delivers high quality and versatile applications, comfortable whatever the season: its blissful sensation glides on linings, outerwear, underwear, sportswear and even couture pieces.Hamada Koji, CEO of Asahi Kasei Fibers Italia, underlined: “Thanks to the A Dress for Venice project we have the opportunity to express once more our commitment: sustainable materials are able to generate fashionable yet conscious clothes. It’s crucial to highlight the values of Bemberg in terms of look and touch thus raising consumer awareness also for its environmental and social values”.

 The 2023 edition of A Dress for Venice, supported by Bemberg by Asahi Kasei, will feature Tiziano Guardini – the award-winning designer known for his conscious fashion approach – partnering with the young artist and textile designer Jacopo Ascari – founder of Atelier Ascari. Fabrics that will be used to create it, belong to 2 important Italian companies with a great expertise of Bemberg fashion fabrics: Infinity srl and Tessitura Grisotto. The printing on Bemberg fabrics will be produced by Creazioni Digitali, an important company specialized in digital and sublimation printing that will focus on GreenDrop technology enabling a great water saving value.

 Tiziano Guardini, part of A Dress for Venice project since its first edition in 2019, will create a special dress 100% made with Bemberg fabric and enriched by the textile print designed by Jacopo Ascari. The sustainable outfit by the creative duo, which represents a tribute to the beauty of Venice, will debut in September at the Venice International Film Festival and will be joined by a mini-capsule collection crafted in Bemberg material. The collection will be unveiled during Venice Fashion Week in October 2023, with the support of Camera Buyer Italia, the national association gathering the best luxury multi-brands stores.

 A Dress for Venice is a project promoting sustainability and transparency of the supply chain and connecting the designers with the fashion industry thanks to the support of Tavolo Veneto della Moda, which represents Confartigianato, CNA, Confindustria, Confcommercio and Confesercenti of the Veneto Region.

 Lorenzo Cinotti and Laura Scarpa, Founders of Venezia da Vivere, declared:“A Dress for Venice is an emblematic project – because it brings together the manufacturing excellence of the Veneto fashion production chains, Asahi Kasei international research on sustainability and the creativity of young talents.

 The network we have created brings together top-level players around an idea of virtuous fashion that updates and rearms the traditional style of Made in Italy”.The initiative is under the patronage of the City of Venice, Tavolo Veneto della Moda, and Homo Faber – Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte, which encourages fine craftsmanship and savoir-faire all over the world.

By daisen