Japan’s Disposable Diaper Production Rise in September

According to production statistics released by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the nation’s production of disposable diapers in September 2019 increased by 3.2% in weight over the same month of last year to 74,382 tons. In quantity, production grew by 5.8% to 1,988.06 million.

The production of diapers for adults rose by 3.3% in weight to 33,911 tons and by 8.4% in quantity to 715.11 million. That for babies was: 40,471 tons (up 3.0%) and 1,272.95 million (up 4.5%).

As a result of a decline in inbound demand, disposable diaper production had been decreasing up to the first half of 2019. Production continued to head upward in the second half partly because of a decrease in stocks.