Shima Seiki Releases SDS-ONE APEX4 Apparel Design System


Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd. has released the next generation of its SDS-ONE APEX series 3D computer graphic apparel design system.

Introduced to the world’s textile industry at ITMA 2019 in June as a prototype, the 4th generation of its series ­ SDS-ONE APEX4 ­ is officially launched with updated hardware and software for improved efficiency as compared to the previous generation SDS-ONE APEX3. Processing speeds for programming and simulation have undergone up to a 6X increase to meet ever-increasing demand for quickly responding to rapidly changing market needs.

Comprehensively equipped with dedicated functions specializing in the planning and design of fashion apparel and other textiles, APEX4 features state-of-the-art technology including the latest AI functions used in image searching for quick and accurate planning and design.

At the core of Shima Seiki’s Total Fashion System concept, APEX4 provides comprehensive support of the apparel production process from planning, design and production to sales promotion and retail sales through digital communication. Its capability for virtual sampling is especially effective in streamlining the production process. Super-real simulation so realistic it can be mistaken for the real thing, allows the use of virtual samples to replace actual samples in evaluating design variations, thereby minimizing the tremendous time, cost and material normally required with sample-making. Moreover, data for programming flat knitting machines is prepared simultaneously for smooth transition to production.

The entire production cycle can be shortened significantly, realizing on-demand production and allowing the product planning stage to be extended for increased accuracy in analyzing consumer demand and trends.

Furthermore, virtual samples can be used at the retail level to gauge consumer acceptance of upcoming products, data for which can be used for forecasting demand. Such feedback can be used to adjust production amount and optimize inventory, preventing leftover stocks that would otherwise go to waste. If stocks run out mid-season, on-demand production capability of WholeGarment knitting can replenish inventory to prevent lost opportunities. For e-commerce applications, even zero-inventory business can become a reality. The Total Fashion System maximizes profits while achieving zero leftover stock, zero lost sales opportunities and most importantly zero waste through smart, speedy and sustainable production.